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When arriving to Cuba visitors should possess a valid passport or a trip document stating their names and the corresponding visa or Tourist Card. The countries which have Visa Free Agreements with Cuba are excepted. Tourist Cards can be requested at the Cuban consular representations and also in travel agencies and airlines. They are of two types: for individual tourists or for tourists travelling in groups. Businessmen, journalists coming to work and Cuban born citizens, non-residents or having another nationality, must request a visa from their local Cuban Embassey.


Tourists are allowed to bring, duty free, two bottles of liquor, ten cigarette packs and personal belongings such as jewels, photo or video cameras, typing machine, sports gears and fishing implements which must be reported on departure. Fire arms are not allowed, except hunting weapons properly authorised by the Cuban entities in charge of that kind of tourism. Custom duties at the airport are paid in US dollars. To bring electric appliances into the country a purchase invoice should be submitted and 100% of it should be paid. Havana cigars worth US $ 2 000.00 are allowed out of the country producing an invoice, without a purchase invoice only 50 cigars are allowed. If taking out a fire weapon, a permission from the Ministry of the Interior of Cuba is needed. The exit of animals is forbidden. In order to get works of art, paintings and antiques out of the country, an authorisation must be requested from the National Register of Cultural Goods which belongs to the Heritage Commission of the Ministry of Culture of Cuba. In case of large amounts of gold and silver such authorisation is requested to the National Bank of Cuba.

There are restrictive sanitary regulations only for visitors coming from countries where yellow fever and endemic cholera exist or which have been declared infection areas by the World Health Organisation. In such cases the International Vaccination Certificate is demanded. Products of animal and vegetable origin have entry restrictions. Animals may be imported presenting the corresponding certificate.
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